OOTD: Outfit of The Day with Lacelle
September 25, 2015

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Sparkling Brown 2I like Lacelle lens because it’s soft and has high water content (42%)

Comfortable for long wearing and it doesn’t makes my eyes feel dry, tired, irritation or redness.

Wow to the unique lace pattern design that enhance my eyes beautifully.

My eyes are igger and shinier instantly.

Marathon like comfort something very unique.

It’s FDA authenticated pigment standard.

Lacelle Lens 1Lacelle Cosmetics Lens – Limbal & Colors

Lacelle cosmetics lens comes in 2 different ranges – the limbal series and the color series.

Lacelle Limbal series makes the eyes look bigger

1. Modest black: instantly enlarge and brighten your eyes. Sparkle with confident

2. Tender brown: softly enhance your eyes for that delicate warmth and allure

Lacelle Color series makes eyes look brighter and attractive

1. Jubilee Violet: give your eyes a romantic tint. An enchanting blink that will mesmerize everyone

2. Sparkling brown: give your eyes a playful sparkle. You will be the most attractive princess

3. Frozen Grey: give your eyes a touch of glamour and cool elegant for the magnetic attraction

Lacelle lens is fashion – This is how I play mix and match Lacelle Limbal and Lacelle Color lens with different type of outfit and makeup mood. I have created a few styles and themes of OOTD: Outfit Of The Day with Lacelle such like street denim, floral angel, masquerade chic and sweet darling.

Lacelle Sparkling Brown 1Lacelle Jubilee Violet

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Jubilee Violet 3FOTD: Face of the Day – Floral Angel (makeup

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Jubilee Violet 2OOTD: Outfit of the Day – Floral Angel (fashion)

OOTD, Lacelle Sparkling Brown 2OOTD: Outfit of the Day – Masquerade Chic (fashion)

Among the three different lens, my favourite is Jubilee Violet. I love the lace pattern in soft tint of violet. It makes my eyes more expressive and attractive.

Lacelle Jubilee Violet 1Lacelle Sparkling Brown

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Sparkling Brown 2-1FOTD: Face of the Day – Sweet Darling (makeup)

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Sparkling Brown 3OOTD: Outlook of the day – Sweet Darling (fashion)

OOTD, FOTD, Lacelle Tender Brown 2FOTD: Face of the Day – Street Denim (makeup)

OOTD, Lacelle Tender Brown 2aOOTD: Outfit Of The Day – Street Denim (fashion)

Boyfriend jeans, trucker jacket and loafers paired with Lacelle Tender Brown make me look younger and street. The Lacelle Tender Brown enhanced my eyes in a more natural.

My Verdict: I love Lacelle Color lace pattern especially the Jubilee Violet it is so demure, sexy and mysterious. It is perfect for romantic dinner or parties.

I wore Lacelle tender brown on a sleepy day, instantly my eyes looks bigger and alert naturally. This is some of the tricks for you girls when you party till late last night and the next day you have important meeting I am sure you don’t want to look slouchy and sleepy.

Lacelle lens is not only comfortable but also uplift my overall looks and enhanced my eyes. Now my selfie pictures and ootd shot became impressive with my enhanced and more expressive eyes. As we know, our eye is the window to our soul. Lacelle is fun, fashion and fabulous. It gives me the confident and match my lifestyles.

Lacelle and Lacelle Color monthly disposable lens is selling at RM68 per box (2 pcs). If you wish to know more WOW and information about Lacelle, please visit

Lacelle Websitehttp://www.lacelle.com.my

Lacelle Facebook Page: hhttp://www.lacelle.com.my