Lacelle Colors Contact Lens by Bausch+Lomb
May 25, 2015

I would like to share you guys my new contact lens
I am very love it and satisfy because it was out of my expectation!
I do considered many times before I bought because
I was so worried about it not suitable for my dried and sensitive eyes
As previous contact lens posts
I recommended Freshlook cosmetic lens
Bausch+Lomb contact lens I’m sure that some of you have been using it right?
But have you ever seen Lacelle colours lens before?

Lacelle Colors Contact Lens by Bausch+Lomb RM55 per box

I used to search review from internet before I buy something
just in case buy wrong product!

I had never tried any one of Bausch+Lomb contact lens once
But this time I was attracted by Lacelle
I am Freshlook user, I tried other brands before too but it wasn’t get my satisfaction at all

At the same time, I also searched for Alcon cosmetic lens
Hmm…Seems like the colour is same as Freshlook Color Blends
but the material is totally different, the quality is even better
of course the price is also higher
Alcon price is RM90 per box, usually I get Freshlook at RM40 per box (promotion price)
What my thought was, since both of brands’ colour is similar, so why I don’t get the different one?

Lacelle cosmetic lens, they published only 3 colours which are violet, brown and grey
I bought violet color
I get Lacelle from FOCUS optical shop at Aeon Melaka
you guys may go other shops to get it
but I’m not sure whether others have sell it or not

What’s the different between Freshlook and Lacelle?
For color, Freshlook lens is 3 tones colour, your eyes, your look will be similar foreigns when you wearing it
Lacelle lens only has 2 tones colour, diameter is 14.0 mm and it has outer black edge
the colour doesn’t look so weird and bright
I don’t think it has bigger lens effect but at least it looks natural pretty
Besides that, it provide high water content, keeps my eyes in moist condition even I wear for whole day

Freshlook and Lacelle
Both of them are my preference
Eyes are very important to us so please take good care and don’t ever wear poor quality contact lens!
If you feel uncomfortable with your current contact lens just throw it!
It’s doesn’t mean you are wasting something
Especially for girls, we like to be pretty and we wish to have beautiful eyes isn’t it?
So what are you waiting for? =)