January 4, 2016

BANNERHola  Happy New Year 2016 my lovely readers! I’m excited as this would be the first post in 2016 and I wish to thank you to you all for supporting my blog all these years. Your supports are much appreciated and I will try my best to improve my blog.

First thing first, are you a contact lens user? Because today I’m talking about coloured lens from Bausch + Lomb – Lacelle Jewel series. I’m starting to wear contact lens since I was 17 and for the first time, I felt quite weird because that’s an object on my eye ball. However, after few times experience, I felt comfortable like nothing on my eyes.

Lacelle Jewel PackagingI’m pretty sure some of you heard about Bausch + Lomb before right? It is a leading global eye health organization that is solely focused on protecting, enhancing, and restoring people’s eyesight. than 100 countries. Bausch + Lomb (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is one of 43 global offices distributing professional and consumer eye health brands such as BioTrue®, PureVision, SoftLens, Lacelle™, Renu and many more.

Bausch + Lomb launched Lacelle™ Jewel, a monthly disposable coloured contact lens in Malaysia in a glamorous way. This monthly disposable series has made its first appearance in Asia. The latest technology integration in Lacelle™ Jewel has a unique lens design that enhances the excellent lens centration. Due to the thin lens design whereby the centre thickness of 0.078mm, this permits great comfort to the contact lens wearer. This lens material with a water content of 38% provide excellent comfort and also minimizes protein uptake from our tears for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.

Lacelle JewelWith the latest and newly improved integration of colour technology, this has managed to make Lacelle™ Jewel series the most significant coloured contact lens. This component provides an alluring and compelling look. With varieties of 7 colours to choose from, it can match any outfit of the day to enhance your looks altogether whether it’s a date or just to make a mesmerizing impression with radiant sparkling eyes with concentration on implementing excellent vision at the same time. Due to the jewel patterns of the contact lenses, it presents a dazzling outcome.

[ Colours Available ]

✦ Melanie Black 

Provides a demure look of a temptress that is bound to intrigue. Modest and yet sophisticated. 

✦ Topaz Brown

A natural sparkle that makes the eyes pop instinctively. A highly approachable presentation.

✦ Crystal Gray

Gives a mysterious vibe whilst providing an illuminating look. A balance between dramatic and lively.

✦ Amber Brown

Friendly and down-to-earth that resonates with a degree of sophistication and elegance. Appears to be stylish and classy with that shimmer.

✦ Amethyst Violet

Provides a significant glimmer in the eyes with this shade that states playful and feisty. Creating an extravagant impression.

✦ Sapphire Blue

For those who prefer a bolder look who is not afraid to be seen with a crystal sparkle that provides an idealistic personality. Exhibits confidence and tranquility. 

✦ Peridot Green

Blends very well with any skin tone and gives a pleasant glitter in the eye. Aura that reveals rejuvenation.

CIMG4344_副本CIMG4346_副本The one that I tried and tested was Crystal Gray colour.

CIMG4357_副本[ Tips to wear Contact Lens ]

It is always essential to follows the instructions of how to wear and clean the contact lens for safety issue.

✦ Always remember to wear contact lens before makeup.

✦ It is very important to use a safe and trusted brand. Eg. Lacelle Jewel – Made in Korea, approved by the FDA, and under the trusted umbrella of Bausch & Lomb.

✦ Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lens.

✦ Use the recommended renu® multi-purpose contact lens solution instead of using tap water / mineral water to rinse, clean or store your contact lens.

A2_PosterI have been using renu® multi-purpose contact lens solution for more than 4 years and still counting. It cleaned my contact lens very well and thus, my eyes stay comfort for all day long.

CIMG4352_副本So above was the “before” photo. You can see my eyes are smaller and not attractive at all. Most of the time I’m wearing contact lens because I felt my eyes are not energetic without the coloured lens.

CIMG4361_副本_副本Ta-da! I guess you guys can spot the difference easily right? My eyes suddenly turns energetic now! Now you may feel the power from my eyes. LOL

CIMG4350_副本_副本1The difference

CIMG4368_副本Close up for the Crystal Gray lens so you can spot the patterns.

CIMG4366_副本It just to make a mesmerizing impression with radiant sparkling eyes with concentration on implementing excellent vision at the same time. Due to the jewel patterns of the contact lenses, it presents a dazzling outcome.

CIMG4364_副本I love it! It does enhance my eyes and make them look even larger. I’m pretty sure you guys spot the difference according to the photos above. It is comfortable and with good concentration so my eyes looks energetic and gorgeous at the same time. Not to mention it is very thin lens for best comfort so you won’t feel anything on your eyeball. Last but not least, its unique Jewel patterns which gives more depth and sparkle to the eyes. My eyes now are shine bright like a diamond!